introducing kibzy

The carpool for kids app

do not trust strangers with your child.

We give you the tools to connect to other parents you already know and trust. Parents with whom you share activities and know personally.

need to set up a ride for your child?

click on New Ride on the bottom bar, fill out the information and choose the people you think are most likely to help

choose the driver you feel most comfortable with

Once you choose the driver, we will send a big thank you on your behalf to the drivers who offered to help but were not chosen.

track your child's ride live

Can't track as it is happening don't worry. We will send you a notification at every step of the way. From pick up to drop off. We will keep you in the know


We are a company built by parents for parents.

Never Miss an Activity You Paid For

Working or has your schedule changed? We can help you never to miss your childs activity again.

Save Time & Money

Carpools can save you money on gas and time, while making a sagnificant impact on our enviroment.

Help Other Parents

The best way to earn trust of others is to offer your help. Parents helping one another has been the cornerstone of good relationships for many years. We are just making it easier.

Build Your Own Trusted Network

We leave the decision of who to trust entirely up to you. Our goal is to connect you to people you already trust, as well as facilitate the connections to parents you share activities with, but have yet to meet.

Stay Informed

From the moment you have requested help with the ride, we will update you on, offers to help from your trusted contacts, ride reminders, pick up notifications and drop off confirmation.

Drive and Earn Rewards

Every time you drive someones child you earn driving points. When you offer help the other parent will immideatly see how many rides you have done. Have not done any? Thats ok you will.

Driving Time and Expense Calculator

Want to know how much its costing you to drive your kids around?

How Many Places a Week do You Drive Your Kids?
Name of the Activity
Times a week
Time in minutes
(One way)
  Time Spent Gas Expense
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Our Core Values

We are a company built by parents for parents.



Our most important value is TRUST. we give you the tools to that make it easier to communicate and organize carpool with people you already trust.



Just because you are not there does not mean you should not know what is happening. We give you the tools to track your child's ride in real time.



Technology can make our lives easier. This is the case where technology offers a solutions that saves time, money and gives you a piece of mind.



We want to make it better for you. We are constantly evaluating our performance and adjusting our product to make it better, easier and more fun for you.